Company registration in Europe

We, in cooperation with our partners, can offer the clients, who use our warehouse as the place to transfer or store freights an opportunity to register a European company, in order to develop distribution in Europe or to ease the relationships with the European companies.

The registration of a company in Europe may become the most profitable financial instrument in Your business, as it may assist You in finding the most effective ways of developing Your business, and in the acquisition of the most beneficial conditions for deals. The European trade companies are best suitable for business in Europe, as well as for other international trade operations. 

The team of experts, which specializes in company registration in Europe, knows all the intricacies and complications of this process and has a wide range of connections in this sphere, is able to provide You with qualitative support and lack of problems, beginning with the first steps towards the registration of Your company. Our assistance makes it possible to register a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a representation office, as well as a joint-stock company (JSC) in more than 20 European countries.

In Europe, we offer the registration of the companies fully prepared for operation. This includes:
                        Registration of the company;
                        Quick formalization of the shelf companies;
                        Accounting services;
                        Opening of the company accounts in the major European banks;
                        Nominal director services;
                        A virtual office for the companies in many European countries.

We recommend purchasing the Shelf Trade companies excluding VAT in Cyprus, Denmark, Scotland (LLP), England (LLP), as well as on the Virgin Islands or in Panama 

You can find out the prices for the registration of a trade company with a VAT number, as well as the prices for a shelf holding company in the most profitable European jurisdictions, in our office.

It is possible to establish all of the companies remotely (including the account opening).

For complete information on the service please apply to our office, or fill out the contact form!